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Unity Lets – The Best Student Accommodation in Locations You Love

Here at Unity Lets we wanted to showcase to you some of our most desired student accommodation based in prime locations in the city of Plymouth. Staying in one of these homes will make your time studying in Plymouth an enjoyable breeze. 15 Radnor St, Plymouth PL4 8NX: Located a five minute walk from both Plymouth University and Plymouth College of Art this could be the perfect student accommodation for you. Closely surrounded by great student hangout spots such as The Caffeine Club and The Roundabout pub, you’ll never be far from any of the exciting student action and events happening in the city. A short walk away from Plymouth’s notorious 24 hour spar and subway to save you on those late Saturday nights or emergency snacks whilst you pull an all nighter to meet your deadlines. 6 The Crescent Plymouth PL1 3AB: The Crescent holds newly built luxurious city centre located apartments that could be the perfect student flats in Plymouth for you. A quiet part of the city that’ll ensure you a good sleep at night but you’re never too far to hang out at a cosy café or join in with some of the fun down in the countless bars and pubs in the area. Just a short walk from the historical Plymouth Hoe and Barbican filled with local pubs, bars and great restaurants to grab a bite to eat. If this one doesn’t quite take your fancy, here at Unity Lets we have many more flats near Plymouth University that might!   31 Kensington Rd, Plymouth PL4 7LU: This house boasts a stunning, newly fitted,... read more

Cooking Tips for Students!

  Students, we’ve put together some tips to help you and your new flat mates survive the next few months whilst you’re getting to grips with university life! Plan your meals in advance: Planning is key! It’s much easier and cheaper for you to plan ahead, our tip is to plan your meals for the week in advance. This means you can do your shopping all at once saving you both time and money. It’s much cheaper to shop at a supermarket so being organised and going with your flat mates will mean you don’t have to go to the shop every night! Split the cost: Why not split the cost of the meal across your house? You can make your meals cost far less if its split between you and your house mates. Organise to make communal meals and then everyone saves money on shopping and still eats well! Cook Together: Hate cooking? It’s much easier if you all help cook it together! If you’re not a fan of cooking why not share the responsibility of cooking with your house mates. Making communal meals means less effort for everyone if you all help! Keep it cheap: Remember your budget! There’s no point in spending all your money on food so make a budget and keep to it. You can still eat well within your budget if you plan ahead so why not save some money by eating smart! Make it fun: It’s something you have to do so why not make it fun! Cooking with you house mates can be a great social activity if you make it... read more

The Clipper Race: Days 3 and 4

Day 3: A great day for the team! Another early start for the team with a morning packed full of information regarding the safety equipment on board including life rafts and flares. After this was completed the crew departed the dock at 11am heading back to the Solent. Once out in open water the main sail was raised with a reef and then the stay sail, with the wind reaching 25 knots! The day was spent rotating positions so that the novice sailors could get to grips with the winches and sheets, they showed enthusiasm to the task which has only added to the excitement building around the voyage. Matt helmed the boat for the first time putting in some tacks in winds of 35 knots! He and his team spent the rest of the time on galley duty, where they enjoyed spending the rest of the day at a 45’ degree angle. The boat headed back to the shore around 5pm with the winds hitting a howling 50 knots! A great day for all the team! Day 4: Day four was spent ashore by Matt and the crew due to the gale force winds which restricted the training however they still had fun! Mayday Calls were the task of the day, with everyone joining in the training and having a laugh. Up on deck they learnt about ‘man over board drills’ where Matt volunteered to be the rescue ‘swimmer’ and it was his duty to rescue Lisa the dummy from the pontoon whilst they were both hoisted up the mast. All in practice for a real drill tomorrow... read more

The Clipper Race

The Clipper Race is a true test, the participants are challenged to battle across 40,000 nautical miles aboard 70 foot ocean racing yachts in the roughest seas on earth.

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Great turnout and result by both Unity Lets and UPYC at the 2017 J/24 Nationals

The weekend of the 13th-16th July signalled a busy and exciting period for both ‘Unity Lets’ and UPYC on ‘Just The Tonic’, as the two teams took part in the annual J/24 Nationals at the Plymouth Regatta, hosted by the The Royal Western Yacht Club and Port of Plymouth Sailing Association. With the weather in Plymouth being so inconsistent, it was always up in the air what conditions the teams would find themselves facing on the day. However, from the outset it promised to be a good weekend for all teams involved in the competition, as a constant wind of 10-15 knots made for perfect racing conditions. A tough and tiring weekend was always on the cards, as the competition consisted of 10 races, over the 3 d ays, but Unity Lets and Just The Tonic pulled through with performances that both teams will be happy with! A total of 15 teams took part in the competition, a reminder of how popular J/24 racing is, especially in Plymouth! Unity Lets managed to finish 5th overall in the competition, with an impressive performance in the last race, as the team managed to come 1st in the final leg. The UPYC team on Just The Tonic finished in 12th place, a performance that they will be delighted with and will be sure to build on in future events. A big thank you goes out to the hosts, The Royal Western Yacht Club together with the Port of Plymouth Sailing Association. The two have a long history of organising high profile sailing events and have established a solid background in race management,... read more

The 2017 J/24 Spring Cup at Royal Dart Yacht Club was truly a game of two halves!

Act 1 – Super Saturday – Grey Skies and Green Gills     ‘It’s been emotional…!’ was the general consensus of the race committee and the sailors as the post race analysis unfolded following ‘Swelly Saturday’s water experience! Previously effervescent members of the J/24 fraternity drifted ghostlike through the welcoming clubhouse of the Royal Dart Yacht Club until a little sustenance brought some much needed colour back to their cheeks. The forecast promised big swell and big wind and 50% of the prophecy was 100% correct. The fleet set to sea to find the overnight storm had left a light to moderate breeze and a large easterly swell running at approximately 45 degrees to the wind – truly unforgiving and uncomfortable. Richard Stevens and his race team set the fleet a long beat to help us get into the groove of the conditions and, with the first signs of nausea presumably the cause of unusually good behaviour, the J/24s managed 3 clean starts without even the threat of a black flag. By the time race 2 started, the majority of boats in the fleet were considerably lighter than when they left the club with a few sailors deciding ‘today is not the day’ and taking the RIB taxi to shore and stability… Through this one team, Matthew Conyers and his crew on Unity Lets, showed that unity is key with a score line of 2, 2, 3 to lead the regatta going into the half time break. However, before the recess, the fleet were offered a fourth race to enable the discard… at this moment Nick on Jawbreaker managed to emerge... read more

Sports Club Of The Year

We did it! At UPYC we now hold the official title of “Sports Club of the Year”! To all of our club members, dedicated committee team, volunteer skippers and not forgetting Rachael Ince our water sports co-ordinator, thank you significantly for your hard work and help this year! Without all of your dedication, time and motivation we would not have been able to do it. Let’s continue into the next academic year, with an even bigger sailing program! See you on the water! For more updates... read more

MTV Crashes Plymouth Tickets Up For Grabs

Unity Lets are offering an amazing opportunity for Plymouth students. You can win MTV Crashes Plymouth Day Two tickets just by renting a student room. Simply rent student accommodation from us between now and 4:30pm on Monday 3rd July and you will be entered into the draw to win a pair of MTV Crashes Plymouth Day Two tickets. The winner will be notified via email after the draw at 4:45pm on Monday 3rd July. If you already have your accommodation secured, tell your friends who haven’t and maybe they’ll let you be their ‘plus one’! MTV Crashes Plymouth is on Friday 28th July on the Hoe. Unity Lets have a wide range of student flats available in Plymouth near Plymouth University. Whether you’re looking for a room on your own or you’re part of a group looking, we have the perfect student property for you. Take a look at some of our student... read more

Top 10 Things to Consider When Selecting Student Accommodation

1. Location Before considering your student home for the next year, make sure you check the property location has everything that you are going to need. Is it close to campus, a supermarket and public transport? Location is the key to getting the most out of your student days and enjoying your student life. No one wants to wake up at six o‘clock in the morning to get everything ready to trek to their lectures. At Unity Lets, our properties are located in the centre of Plymouth, close to all public transport and Plymouth University campuses, so we can help you make the most out of your university experience.     2. Flatmates If this is your first year you will most likely end up living with strangers, but by the end of the year you’ll probably love most of them and some of them you’ll be delighted to never see again. At Unity Lets we pride ourselves on helping you make the right decision for yourself, whether you’re looking for a quiet house or a big social house. We take your requests on board and try to help find the best home suited for you.     3. Money Money can be a huge concern for many students. Bills, furniture and extras such as TV, WiFi, gym memberships, licences or shopping, can all really damage your budget and exceed the amount that you initially agreed to pay. At Unity Lets we understand the struggle! When you’re with us your only worry is paying your rent with no extra surprises. We offer a wide selection of different rooms for... read more

Six Essential Things to Do as a Student in Plymouth

Plymouth is a brilliant place to be a student, with Dartmoor on your doorstep, Cornwall just over there, and yet all the big names and brands you could ask for, just within walking distance. From shopping and dining to surfing and sailing, there are plenty of things to do when you get a break from studying – so here are a few suggestions to get you going! 1. Roam around Dartmoor Dartmoor is so wild and beautiful, it’s easy to forget you’re just outside Plymouth! Home to a ruggedly beautiful landscape of granite tors, open plains and thick woodland, there are also wild ponies roaming these famous moors. Wild ponies! There are plenty of ways to access Dartmoor – by bus, taking the X39 to Burrator Reservoir; you can get reasonably close by taking the train to Ivybridge or Totnes (though you might want to bring a bike), or of course driving if you’re lucky enough to have a car (and if you do, we have properties with car parking spaces – just ask!). 2. Have a picnic on the Hoe, then take a boat taxi across to Mountbatten for a pint There are few sights as glorious as The Hoe on a sunny day. Your time at Plymouth University won’t be complete without having had a picnic here. Then, why not take the Mount Batten Ferry from the Barbican to Mount Batten to watch the sun set with a pint in your hand? The ferry leaves every half an hour, costs just £1.50, and takes just a few minutes. 3. Drake Circus student nights In September each year,... read more

10 Things to Do in Plymouth for Students

You’ve got some free time at university after studying hard and want to find something fun to do, where do you go? Plymouth has many attractions and events on all year round and Unity Lets have picked out 10 of the best things to do for local students as well as visiting friends and family. 1. Cinemas You have two options if you want to watch the latest movies – Vue or Reel. Choosing between them is usually a case of looking at your student bank account. Vue is in the centre of a large leisure park and comes with 14 screens totalling around 3,300 seats. There’s places to eat just a few metres either side of the cinema including Nando’s and Frankie & Benny’s as well as a gym and a bowling alley. All of this does come at a price with tickets on the expensive side but it can be worth it if your student loan has just come in. Reel is hidden away slightly behind Theatre Royal and Union Street but prices are cheap making it attractive for bargain-hunting students. With the price, you’ll get a smaller screen and less variety on times but the staff are great and it’s a nice alternative to have. Vue – – 15 minute walk from Plymouth Uni Reel – – 10 minute walk from Plymouth Uni 2. The Hoe When the sun’s out, you can be sure a large amount of the student population will be found on the Hoe, Plymouth’s beach alternative. There’s a big expanse of grass next to a lighthouse overlooking the sea and... read more

Photos from our recent sailing event – and why you should get involved next time!

It’s not just another aspect of Plymouth’s colourful culture – being active on the sea is also shown to have significant benefits to mental and physical health. Plymouth has a rich culture and colourful history of sailing, from being the starting place of the voyages of Captain Cook and Drake, to hosting the first transatlantic race for women in 2012. The famous biennial ocean race The Fastnet – a first of its kind – concludes in Plymouth and has been hugely influential for offshore racing, and 200 years ago on his way to exile after the war, Napoleon commented on how the breakwater in Plymouth Sound was a “grand thing”. You want stories about the sea and sailing? We’ve got plenty! So it was with pride that Unity Lets sponsored the recent J80 match racing event hosted by the Royal Western Yacht Club and organised by University of Plymouth Yacht Club (UPYC). Free to attend and led by experienced racers, the event aimed to introduce sailing to complete beginners, and provide a fun, competitive day out for experienced racers. Attendees were given an introduction to match racing, and its various rules and techniques in preparation for setting out onto the water under the watchful eye of experienced racers. With the sea spray and fresh air in our faces, and brilliant friendly competition to get us working together, a great weekend was had by all involved – and luckily for us the weather stayed ideal for it! With its striking coastline and rich nautical history, Plymouth is a fantastic place to sail, and university is an ideal time to learn... read more

New Student Flats for 2016/2017

With the 2016 University intake right around the corner, we have added new student flats to our website with many near Plymouth University available. Unity Lets specialise in providing new and returning students a great place to live in Plymouth. We have a range of sizes available from 1 bed flats to whole houses! We’ve provided handy links below so you can go straight to the right sized flat that you require.   1 Bed 5 Beds 9 Beds 13 Beds 2 Beds 6 Beds 10 Beds 14 Beds 3 Beds 7 Beds 11 Beds 15 Beds 4 Beds 8 Beds 12 Beds Now is a great time to start searching for a student property in Plymouth with options whether you’re looking alone or in a group. If you’re moving out of halls, it can be a worrying time but the earlier you look, the better chance you’ll have of finding the property you desire. Unity Lets works with a number of landlords in Plymouth and we know how important it is that you have somewhere comfortable to live where you can study towards your degree. We encourage our landlords to make their tenants feel at home from day one by maintaining their property correctly over the Summer after the previous tenants have moved out. Book a viewing at one of our student flats in Plymouth today! Once you’ve chosen a student property, you can book a viewing and we will endeavour to get you a viewing within 48 hours. Some of our properties may be undergoing summer renovations but we will do our best to show you the... read more

Students! Book viewings now for tomorrow!

STUDENTS! We just need 24 hours notice for viewings, so book now for tomorrow! Plus we offer late viewings until 7pm. We have 2-12 bedroom student houses still available, don’t miss out! All inclusive, No deposit, No fees! We have a great range of Student houses available to rent for September 2016. We have everything from 2 bedroom flats to 12 bedroom houses, all close to Plymouth University and near to the main transport links to Marjon. Call or email now to book a viewing and get your accommodation for your next Uni year sorted. With our own mini bus you can meet at our office at 96 North Hill and we can take you to see a number of different properties to help you find the perfect accommodation. We offer viewing any time form 9am until 7pm so it should be easy to fit in around your studies. Just let us know exactly what you are looking and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Whether it be, close to the Uni, large communal areas or spacious bedrooms! With rooms from just £70 a week we can always find something in budget. Our property of the week is 9 Salisbury Road, Stunning eight bedroom property, in a great location minutes walk to the university, shops and bars. The property benefits from a large lounge/diner with a newly fitted kitchen which has 2 fridge freezers, washing machine and dishwasher. This property also has two shower rooms recently a great outside enclosed courtyard. The property has brand new carpets throughout and modern leather sofas after recent... read more

Residential Landlords Urgently Required

We urgently require Residential Landlords for waiting tenants. If you own a 5 or 6 bedroom house we can guarantee immediate rental income. Whether your house is furnished or unfurnished, we can guarantee an income of £1000 pcm for 5 bedroom houses and £1200 for 6 bedroom houses.* Call the office on 01752 223354 or email: (*subject to... read more

Student Accommodation – Update

We are quickly running out of our larger student accommodation. If you are in a group of 6 or more you need to get a move on! Check out the properties on our site and call to arrange booking. Our office team are always happy to help you with your selection and setting up your tenancy. Don’t get caught without a house for next year. Look forward to your call 01752 223354 or email... read more

Booking Viewings

If you are interested in viewing one of our properties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our office team are happy to help you find a time and John ‘the Don’ Groom is one of the most knowledgeable property managers in the trade. He’ll show you round and answer any questions you might have. The best advice for securing a great house for next year- Know your priorities, Ask lots of questions, and Don’t hang about when you see somewhere you... read more