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How to keep motivated whilst working from your student house

Tips for studying in your student house in Plymouth

With COVID-19 changing how everyone works around the world, we are seeing a huge impact on Universities and how students are expected to learn and study whilst working from their student house.

We have put together a guide of our best tricks and tips on how to keep you motivated whilst working from your student house!

1. Have a routine

Having a routine can be crucial to your success when working from home especially when living in a student house or flat with countless distractions all around you. We recommend walking up early every day and not staying in bed until midday! It’s much easier to get a good night’s sleep if you have woken up and been productive the day before. You should make a plan of what you want to achieve each day and write this down, that way you have a clear plan that you can look back to when you are losing your concentration. 

Remember not everyday has to be busy and have the same routine, but having a plan will help you achieve what you set out too!

2. Create a dedicated workspace

Having a dedicated workspace in your student house can be a great tool to help with your studying by setting up a desk space and keeping it tidy and clean. 

This will help hugely with your motivation and productivity when working and a huge contrast to working from your bed. We recommend getting some small plants or decorations for your desk to make it feel more personal.

3. Get dressed

We know it’s easy to sit around in your pajamas all day and lounge about in bed, but after a while you will start to feel unmotivated and tired all day. 

We highly recommend getting up and getting dressed every morning. It will make you feel better about yourself and you’ll find yourself being more productive when working. It’s scientifically proven that what you wear affects how you feel, so pick out something that makes you feel productive and confident!

4. Make the most out of technology

Technology can be a huge tool for your success, and now more than ever! With the shift to online learning and lectures, we are increasingly dependent on technology to help us with our day to day tasks. 

You can use Zoom or Skype to keep in touch with your classmates and when completing your coursework when working in your student house. Google Docs can be a great way for you all to work collaboratively and to keep yourself up to date with work!

5. Take a break!

Looking after yourself is important and it’s easy to get carried away whilst working so we recommend making sure that you are taking regular breaks throughout. 

This will help keep your mind fresh and avoid burning out, especially during those late night sessions. These breaks can be anything from chatting to your housemates and friends to going for a run. Anything that helps you to take a step back and focus on something else will help be more productive when you start again!

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