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Leaving your accommodation for Christmas

Are you leaving your accommodation for the Christmas period this year? There are a number of checks that you should do before you leave the property in order to ensure that it is safe. We have put together a checklist of things that we recommend to our students to help save money and time over Christmas!

Remember to check the boiler and heating before you leave the property!

We recommend you check your boiler and heating before you leave; ensuring you have turned off the radiators in every room is a great way to make sure that you are not overspending on bills. With the property being empty for several weeks over the Christmas period, you could be wasting money on heating an empty house!

Have you turned everything off in your accommodation?

Make sure you have checked all the appliances and lights in your house have been turned off before you leave the property; people often forget to turn lights off in their rooms or leave something plugged in, this can be a waste of money too!

Is your house secure?

Empty student accommodation can be a target for theft over the Christmas period as they are left vacant for a number of weeks. We highly recommend that you lock your rooms and keep your valuables out of sight. Also remember to lock the windows where possible and all entrances to the property. This means there will be no nasty surprises when return.

Please bear these points in mind when you are leaving your accommodation this holiday!

Unity Lets wishes all of our tenants a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

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