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Student Properties in Plymouth

Unity Lets have a range of Student Properties in Plymouth available to rent now. Due to competition for new tenants, the quality of the Student Housing is improving with appliances such as dishwashers becoming more common. We aim to find you the perfect Plymouth Student Flat by giving you a number of size options and variations on number of bedrooms to suit your group.

We have a large number of Student Flats by Plymouth University and close to the city centre.

Our aim is to give you a professional service by providing affordable accommodation. Just because our properties are priced for students, it doesn’t mean our landlords compromise on the quality and safety. The landlords we work with know how important Student Housing quality is to your success at a Plymouth University. In fact, we have a handy Landlords Guide that will help all our landlords prepare their Student Properties. We encourage our landlords to develop a good relationship with their tenants so the tenancy runs smooth and there are no major issues. A well maintained property goes a long way to making students feel comfortable and ensuring they get the most out of their time at university. We remind landlords of their general obligations and to remind them to leave as much helpful information for students as possible.

Finding somewhere to live once you move out of halls can be scary but we aim to match you with one of our fantastic Student Properties so you can concentrate on studying at University. Once you’ve decided on a property, we’ll do our best to get you a viewing within 48 hours as we have to give current tenants a day of notice. Sometimes, we can show you a house on the same day but it may be going through renovation. You can take some time thinking about what you need from your Student Housing and what questions you would like to ask. Our team are experts in Plymouth properties so make sure you ask questions to get the most out of your viewing.

If you’re on your own or in a group, we can accommodate you with our variety of house sizes.

If there is a problem, we offer a complete online fault reporting service where you can enter as much information as you like. This information is then sent straight to our Head Office where action is taken to repair any problems. We give you the opportunity to attach a photo of the problem to give us a better idea of the exact issue. With our handy Student Welcome Pack, there is also an emergency number for any faults that can’t wait. Our maintenance team in Plymouth will work hard to ensure your Student Accommodation is back in top condition as soon as possible. They can even fix the problem while you’re at University saving you hassle later on.

If you see a Student Property that you like, feel free to Book a Viewing now.

If you have any further questions about one of our properties, you can call us or send us an email through our Contact page.