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1. Location

Before considering your student home for the next year, make sure you check the property location has everything that you are going to need. Is it close to campus, a supermarket and public transport? Location is the key to getting the most out of your student days and enjoying your student life. No one wants to wake up at six o‘clock in the morning to get everything ready to trek to their lectures. At Unity Lets, our properties are located in the centre of Plymouth, close to all public transport and Plymouth University campuses, so we can help you make the most out of your university experience.



2. Flatmates

If this is your first year you will most likely end up living with strangers, but by the end of the year you’ll probably love most of them and some of them you’ll be delighted to never see again. At Unity Lets we pride ourselves on helping you make the right decision for yourself, whether you’re looking for a quiet house or a big social house. We take your requests on board and try to help find the best home suited for you.



3. Money

Money can be a huge concern for many students. Bills, furniture and extras such as TV, WiFi, gym memberships, licences or shopping, can all really damage your budget and exceed the amount that you initially agreed to pay. At Unity Lets we understand the struggle! When you’re with us your only worry is paying your rent with no extra surprises. We offer a wide selection of different rooms for you to choose from, all completely furnished with all-inclusive bills – that means free WiFi and your TV licence too!



4. Quality

Living in student accommodation which is warm and modern is sadly not realistic for many students. A great deal of private student accommodation is targeted at students because those with 9 to 5 jobs that earn a decent wage would refuse to live under such conditions. At Unity Lets we understand the responsibility of providing an excellent service to every one of our student residents.



5. Reliability

In most circumstances something will go wrong at some point during your years at university and you should always be able to rely on your landlord, letting agency or halls to fix the problem within 24 hours of you logging the complaint and without creating any unnecessary stress. At Unity Lets Plymouth we work hard to minimize any issues that might occur. Our residents can log a fault on our online maintenance portal at any time and our maintenance teams will fix most issues within 24 hours.



6. Safety

Safety is our main priority when it comes to our residents. When you’re at home it should be the one place you can go to relax and feel safe. At Unity Lets we take your health and safety very seriously. Our buildings are located in top areas and you will find CCTV, 24 hour staff presence and a fire alarm in every room for your protection.



7. Working Atmosphere

As a Plymouth University student, your main focus will be to do your revision, complete your essays and to aim for good grades. When selecting the place you’re going to live in for a year, make sure you choose to live in a house that isn’t just for huge house parties and amazing beer pong tournaments. Being in a good working atmosphere at your home is vital for your focus and helps you work more productively. Unity Lets is designed with you in mind, which is why as well as the comfy sofas and big screens, we also give each one of our students a private study area with a large desk in their rooms.



8. Social Atmosphere

Although pursuing a degree is very important, university is about a lot more than just buckling down and revising 24/7. The friends you make and memories that you make with them are also a crucial part of the experience, so it is important that your accommodation also supports the social side of student living. At Unity Lets, we understand how vital it is to have fun and play hard after working hard all day, we organize a number of social events during the year. So make sure you don’t miss out!



9. Toilets

The number of toilets that you all will be sharing is often not considered enough. It may not sound vitally important right now, but wait until you’re living with six other students with similar schedules and only have one bathroom for all of you to use. With Unity Lets, each of our properties has 2+ bathrooms with larger properties having more.



10. WiFi

In a student house, it’s just as important to have WiFi as it is to have electricity, running water etc. Instead of leaving you to do your research down at the local library, Unity Lets has your back. As promised, no surprises! A free WiFi connection is part of every one of our properties, so you can concentrate on your studying (or your social media) and we’ll sort the rest.