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Merry Christmas – maintenance reporting

During the festive period we will be open until 4pm on Friday 23 December 2022, and then again from 9am on Tuesday 3 January 2023.

Outside of the above dates, our maintenance team will be available for emergency maintenance only.   If you have an emergency please TEXT 07462 835313 (calls will not be answered) with your name, address and emergency issue. 

What is classed as an emergency?

  • Gas or carbon monoxide leak – in the first instance call 0800 111 999 – 24 hours a day
  • Complete electrical failure throughout the property
  • Heating not working
  • No hot water
  • No working shower/bath
  • Water leak resulting in internal property damage
  • High-priority security issue i.e. main door not locking

(Note: lost or misplaced keys is your responsibility.  You will need to instruct, and pay for a locksmith to gain access)

For non-emergency maintenance please report this on the web page at https://unitylets.com/maintenance/ – we will deal with this on our return.

Urgent issues will be prioritised in the lead up to Christmas and on our return in the New Year.  We will endeavour to complete outstanding issues before the break. 

If you do report non-emergency maintenance over the Christmas period, we would appreciate your patience during the first week of January whilst we priorities the urgent issues.

Thank you for your understanding.

All of us at Unity wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

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