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The weekend of the 13th-16th July signalled a busy and exciting period for both ‘Unity Lets’ and UPYC on ‘Just The Tonic’, as the two teams took part in the annual J/24 Nationals at the Plymouth Regatta, hosted by the The Royal Western Yacht Club and Port of Plymouth Sailing Association.

With the weather in Plymouth being so inconsistent, it was always up in the air what conditions the teams would find themselves facing on the day. However, from the outset it promised to be a good weekend for all teams involved in the competition, as a constant wind of 10-15 knots made for perfect racing conditions. A tough and tiring weekend was always on the cards, as the competition consisted of 10 races, over the 3 d ays, but Unity Lets and Just The Tonic pulled through with performances that both teams will be happy with!

A total of 15 teams took part in the competition, a reminder of how popular J/24 racing is, especially in Plymouth! Unity Lets managed to finish 5th overall in the competition, with an impressive performance in the last race, as the team managed to come 1st in the final leg. The UPYC team on Just The Tonic finished in 12th place, a performance that they will be delighted with and will be sure to build on in future events.

A big thank you goes out to the hosts, The Royal Western Yacht Club together with the Port of Plymouth Sailing Association. The two have a long history of organising high profile sailing events and have established a solid background in race management, and that has been proven again by the success of this event.

Whether you are a complete novice to J/24 racing or highly experienced, please get in contact with us, as we will be looking to get more involved with UPYC over the next coming year. If you are currently not a member of UPYC then we would highly recommend that you join, and take advantage of the sport in Plymouth.